Slip Info

Olverson's Lodge Creek Marina has 5 docks labeled A,B,C,D, and E.   Our pump out station, and gas and diesel fuel pumps,  are located on 'A' dock.  'A' dock only offers open slips.  The other docks offer both covered and open slips.  We have electrical service and fresh water connections at each slip.


Slip rent is billed quarterly in advance and is due on the 1st day of the quarter.  Bills will be mailed 2 weeks prior to each quarter.  A finance charge of 2% will be applied monthly to all accounts that are not paid within 14 days of the due date.  

~~ Covered Slips ~~

Size  Location Monthly Quarterly
16x40 Front - 1/2 B,C & D  $190.00 $570.00
18x45 Back - 1/2 B dock  $195.00 $585.00
20x45 E Dock  $200.00 $600.00
11x26  Runabout along shoreline  $150.00 $450.00

~~ Open Slips ~~

Size  Monthly  Quarterly
Under 35ft $155.00 $465.00
35ft - 39ft  $160.00 $480.00
40ft and over  $170.00 $510.00
All slips on A dock  $170.00 $510.00

~~ Discount ~~

A 5% discount is offered for seniors aged 60 and over with accounts in good standing.  The discounted rate will begin in the month of your eligibility.  

~~ Transient ~~

$1.50 per ft. or $395.00 per month plus $2 per day for electricity  

~~ Electricity ~~

Slip rent includes use of electricity when slip holder is on board weekends and vacations.  There will be a flat charge of $30 per month for vessels plugged in daily during the months of April through November.   There will be a charge of $60 per month for vessels plugged in December through March.  
Marina customers that choose to carry on fishing until 31st December can make special arrangements with the Marina management for electricity to keep boats heated. 
Management requests/recommends that engines be winterized.  Should winter power failures occur, systems that have not been winterized can be damaged.   Electric heaters may only be used with inspection, approval and permission of management.
Customers who do not winterize and use approved heaters at any time during winter (December – March) will be charged in full for electric for the month if not aboard the vessel.

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